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Mary has been interested in performing since early childhood. After watching a Circus Show on TV she strung her mother’s clothesline between two trees, and tried to walk it like a tightrope. She soon graduated to walking the tops of swing-sets, and regularly shimmied up the school flagpole at recess to sit, balanced on the top.

Mary has come a long way since then, and has been performing professionally for over 27 years. Mary is a regular, featured performer at San Francisco’s famed Pier 39, and has appeared at hundreds of events around the world including Japan, Australia, Europe and Canada. She is one of the few female variety acts in the country.

Mary is a skilled juggler, acrobat, mime, magician, comedienne and all-around entertainer. What helps to separate Mary from other acts are her finales, which include balancing on a pole between two volunteers while juggling clubs or torches, and the classic four chair levitation where volunteers float above the stage in an inter-locking human pyramid of balance and precision.